Differences Between Abakaliki and Awka: Insights from the PDP's Publicity Secretary, Ebonyi State

The Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Ebonyi State, NCN shared insights on the disparities between Abakaliki and Awka. He highlighted key differences and emphasized the need for community cooperation and government intervention.

Nov 5, 2023 - 00:09
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Differences Between Abakaliki and Awka: Insights from the PDP's Publicity Secretary, Ebonyi State
A comparison between Abakaliki and Awka by the PDP's Publicity Secretary, Ebonyi State.

Today, Nwoba Chika Nwoba, the Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Ebonyi State, took to his Facebook profile to share some insights. He expressed his observations about the contrasting conditions of Abakaliki and Awka, Anambra. His aim was to shed light on the situation, not to criticize any community.

During his recent visits to Abakaliki, he couldn't help but notice the city's cleanliness and charm, which made him reflect on the current state of Awka, the state's capital. While he acknowledged the challenges faced by Awka, such as poor urban planning, insufficient infrastructure, and security issues, he also emphasized the need for government intervention to address these concerns effectively.

Moreover, he highlighted the prevailing issues within Awka, including the prevalence of cult-related violence, security threats, and factional leadership disputes. He stressed the importance of the community's cooperation in facilitating progress and development in the region.

The Publicity Secretary's insights served as a reminder that each city has its unique circumstances, requiring tailored solutions to foster growth and prosperity.

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According to NCN on Facebook, he wrote below:

Whenever I visit Abakaliki, I murmur within me: "see clean and luscious city, a thing we lack in Awka." I'm not trying to spite anyone nor anyone's community, but as a very long time resident of Anambra, Awka as the state capital isn't in the best of shapes of a state capital and people are aware of it including the natives. 

Awka lacks good urban planning. The city is in a disarray as natives build houses anywhere they want without considering that it's a state capital. Awka is the dirtiest state capital in the South East and everyone is aware of it. Everywhere is smelling. Drainage channels are a purgatory of sort. Awka is the most insecure state capital in the South East currently. Cult-influenced k-illings have become a normal tendency in the city with the natives being the doers by 90%. K-illings and kidnapping have become a normal thing here. Who's even talking about daylight robbery, burglary and theft that are every day thing. Awka is the most infrastructure-deficient state capital in our zone. Living is seriously costly in the city, perhaps the highest in the zone. Anyone who has lived there for a long time and taking care of family can comfortably live in anywhere else including Abuja. 

In all of these, the indigenes have always been the problem. In 2021, Bakkasi Boys were brought into the city to curb killings that had become a recurring decimal. When about 15 of the 18 boys captured and k-illed were citizens of the community, the Bakkasi Boys were sent away. The notion earlier was that "Ndi Abakaliki are destroying the community." Most Awka people are superlatively stubborn and negatively for that matter. Its kingship has remained factionalized for a very long time now with none of the parties conceding to government's order. Lands are sold and resold to different buyers who later resort to violent revenge. Awka people are foul-mouthed. Everyone knows this. It's the headquarters of touting in Anambra State with the both genders participating in it. Visitors like ourselves have decided to move into either Okpuno, Amansi, Nise, Nibo, Achalla, Ugwuoba, Nawfia, Enugwu-ukwu, Umuawulu, Ezinato, Isu-Aniocha, Enugwu-Agidi or Amawbia. It's as bad as that. 

Like I said earlier, I'm not trying to paint Awka in a bad emulsion, it's where I live in, though moving into an estate in Amawbia in a matter of days. Everyone in Anambra knows that Awka is a jungle and falls short of the standard for a state capital. Whenever government decides to intervene, natives revolt. They want the community to remain in its obsolete and decrepit form. This is known to people. So, residents of Abakaliki should be happy having a city in its prime, though lacking in human population and economic means. 

A Natzien reactions :

Martins Chinedu Nweke: Don't always point negative things about the city, try and portray good things too, if it's that bad u wouldn't have remain in the city or it's environs.

Eby Favour: Then what are you still doing there, chika if another person write this about Ebonyi state or abakaliki, you will say we hated ebonyi, you will say we discriminate you,well good for you, thanks God for screenshot.

Gospel Victor Ifesinachi Umoke : Nice submission Our state Ebonyi have it best on urban planning and house erecting, easy roads everywhere. But we ne'ver get money,no estates, upon how population no deh Ebonyi,to see house to rent here is ha'rd as anything.

Nkem Obi : If its your Abakaliki that someone from Another igbo State wrote about in this manner now, all hell will be let loose. The other time you made jest of people being Igbo and studied igbo language. The same blood dey your body, no matter how to claim to be well read.

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