Big Surprise: Man in America Gives Nwoba Chika a House

Chika Nwoba Nwoba got a surprise gift—a new house in Awka—from someone in the United States. The generous gesture is more than just a home; it's a symbol of unexpected kindness and a newfound Ezza connection. This heartwarming story shows how people, even miles apart, can create lasting bonds through acts of generosity. Cheers to the spirit of giving and the impact it has on lives!

Nov 15, 2023 - 16:38
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Big Surprise: Man in America Gives Nwoba Chika a House
Chika's New Home: A Gift from America
Big Surprise: Man in America Gives Nwoba Chika a House

Breaking news: Chika Nwoba Nwoba just got the surprise of a lifetime – a brand-new house in Awka, all the way from America! Someone super nice over there said, "Hey Chika, move in and enjoy life as long as you want. We think you're awesome, and this is our way of welcoming you to fatherhood." Cool, right? Bonus: they're both Ezza people, making it extra special.

The house is in a cool neighborhood in Awka, and it's not just any house; it's like a big, warm hug from across the ocean. For Chika, it's not just about getting a new place; it's about getting a new start.

Chika is over the moon, and he's feeling extra proud to be an associate Ezza man. It's not just about the house; it's about making friends and being kind, no matter where you are. This story is all about the awesome feeling of getting a surprise gift, the joy of unexpected kindness, and how people can be friends even if they're far away. Here's to good vibes and good friends, no matter the distance! 

According to Nwoba Chika Nwoba, he wrote;

Somebody living in America built this house in an estate in Awka and told me to move into it and live till I'm tired of living in Awka. That it's a way of welcoming me into fatherhood. That I'm a good man. An Ezza person. My relationship with Ndi Ezza isn't going to cut any soon. I'm an associate Ezza man! 

Someone also reacted; 

Egwu Anosike Solomon: I have told people around me that chikas grace is not like every other person's own, you have a special grace that many do not know. congratulations my brother hard work brought you to where you are today I tap from your grace AGU.

Ikechukwu Donmichael Igwebuike: But you have been fig*hting against Igbos supporting Igbos lately. Is this a Fulani man that is giving you this lifetime gesture?? Small thing wey person use vex you , you will run to Facebook and start lamenting on how Igbos hate themselves and bring each other down. 

Emotional intelligence tells you that everybody don't have same level of understanding hence will definitely behave differently.

Ugadu Paulinus Chinonso: Congratulations and More Grace NCN. I discovered that there’s something special about you the very first day I met you at Onwe road opposite ICC.You are indeed a great Man

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