Nigerian Politicians and Certificate Issues

In a thought-provoking revelation, it becomes clear that many of our esteemed politicians might not be as academically qualified as they claim. Delving into the intricacies of their certificates, startling discoveries are made, shedding light on potential discrepancies that could jeopardize their political standing. Join the conversation as we explore the implications of this phenomenon and its impact on the Nigerian political landscape

Oct 29, 2023 - 20:37
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Nigerian Politicians and Certificate Issues
Image showing a magnifying glass on a blurred certificate, symbolizing the scrutiny of educational qualifications in the political arena

According to Nwoba Chika Nwoba, he shared on his Facebook profile that 70% of our top "A" politicians have certificate issues. It's when they fill out INEC forms for elections that you discover many of them use their SSCE due to fear of the opposition's scrutiny. Further investigation of the SSCE often reveals discrepancies that could invalidate their candidacy. This situation is enabled by a loophole in the Nigerian constitution.

This leads to the discussion of the flashy display of certificates by many. In today's society, certificates are not highly valued apart from being proof of attending higher education. You don't necessarily need a university education to be a good communicator. Exposure to travel, some financial success, and reading can enhance one's communication skills beyond some highly certified individuals. After all, perfect English isn't the only measure of wisdom, intelligence, or success in the real world.

Put your certificates aside and focus on building a future through practical experiences. By this, I don't mean engaging in dubious activities. Leave behind the pride of being a graduate and engage with those who understand the workings of practical life. Monetization has deeply influenced our society, so much so that wealth and the show of it have become markers of success. While education is important, understanding the practical side of things is equally crucial. Every field has its informal standards, and those who are too rigid often find it hard to navigate. As long as there are challenges, there will be obstacles to overcome.

See what he wrote below:

70% of our top "A" politicians have issues with certificate. It's during filling of INEC forms for election that you find out that a good number of them for fear of opposition's inquisitiveness make use of their SSCE to avoid a long story. Investigating the SSCE further, you'll find out that there are discrepancies unravelled which are capable of voiding their candidacy. The constitution of Nigeria in its faux pas gave breath to this. 

This brings me to the issue of the ostentation exhibited by many with their certificates. Today's reality in our society doesn't place high premium on certificates. Apart from personal intellectual equipment, certificate here is for fun and a proof that one attended university or higher schools. That's all. One doesn't have to attend university to be able to communicate. Once you begin to travel, make some money and read some books, you can speak even finer than some of the superlatively certificated folks. After all, spotless English grammar isn't an exclusive measure of one's wisdom, brilliance or success in the secular world

Keep the certificates somewhere and begin to find a future in the street. Street in this sense doesn't mean unwholesome hustling. Keep behind you the pride of being a graduate and begin to coalesce with the people who know the routes... Living has been so much monetized in our contemporary society such that a successful person is known by the amount of money they have, and the ostentation that follows it. It's so good to be highly educated, but one still needs to be in tune with the nuisances of street economy. There's street standard in every work endeavour. Those who are too formal find it more difficult to have their way. So long as the sky is cloudy, rain is certain to drop


Sources: NCN

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