Fada Oluoma Responds to Vanessa Ekeke's Thoughts on Miracles and Testimonies

Join the talk as Fada Oluoma responds to Vanessa Ekeke's ideas about miracles and testimonies. Fada Oluoma explains things simply, talking about why it's important to check if stories are true. He also mentions how the Bible went through a lot of checking before people agreed it's from God. Find out more about why Fada Oluoma thinks it's okay to ask questions and have open conversations about faith and miracles.

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Fada Oluoma Responds to Vanessa Ekeke's Thoughts on Miracles and Testimonies
Miracles and Testimonies: Fada Oluoma's Reply to Vanessa Ekeke

In talking about miracles and testimonies, Fada Oluoma recently responded to Vanessa Ekeke's thoughts. 

Fada Oluoma started by saying thanks to Vanessa for getting into the discussion. He thinks it's good to talk about different beliefs because it helps us understand them better.

He explained that he's not trying to say testimonies aren't important. Instead, he wants to highlight the need to check if things are true. For example, stories in the Bible, like the one about the Virgin Mary, were looked into to make sure they were real.

Fada Oluoma also mentioned that the Bible itself went through a lot of checking before people agreed it's God's word. He suggested checking out Fr Kevin Ugwu's series on the Bible for more details.

Talking about asking for proof, Fada Oluoma agreed with Vanessa's idea that "ONLY FOOLS DOUBT PROOFS." He said it's okay to ask questions and make sure things are true, especially when it comes to miracles.

In the end, Fada Oluoma said he wants people to talk openly and respectfully about their beliefs. He thinks different opinions help us understand faith better. He wants a space where questions are okay, and discussions make us see spirituality in a clearer way.

This back-and-forth between Fada Oluoma and Vanessa is a reminder that talking about faith isn't always easy. But it's by talking and sharing different ideas that we can learn more about what people believe in.


Vanessa Ekeke's response to my piece: MIRACLES AND TESTIMONIES: ????

"This is a blatant CONTRADICTION. You claim to believe in Miracles but not testimonies. In another ridiculous teaching, you claim that testimonies are not important. I am not sure what Bible you are reading, but the KJV tells me that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. God's word is always accompanied by signs and wonders. It could be directly via the Bible, through a message, a song or by what God has done for someone else. Faith can also come from hearing God directly. It is difficult to doubt what you have heard and even more difficult what you have seen. ONLY FOOLS DOUBT PROOFS.........

I will close with this. Can you tell me the name of the Scientists and prople who verified that Mary was indeed a virgin and that Jesus was born of immaculatr conception? If you cannot name them then you are gullible and have a low IQ."

I had to cut her lengthy response to the main issues. Here's my response:????

It was not Virgin Mary that told us she got pregnant by the Holy Spirit, another person did after verification. It wasn't Jesus that wrote about his miracles and resurrection, others did after verification. Peter wrote two letters, but you don't read where he mentioned the healing of the cripple at the beautiful gate in his own letters, it was another person, Luke who wrote it in Acts of the Apostles after verification.

The whole bible itself went through thorough investigation and verification before they were accepted as true, divinely inspired and God's word. There were many other books flying as gospel: 'gospel of Thomas' 'gospel of Peter' with more fantastic miracle stories than the ones you have in the authentic gospels, but they were not added to the bible because they failed the authenticity and verification process.( I advise you follow Fr Kevin Ugwu on the series he's doing about the Bible).

 The reason I believe the stories in the bible is because the bible is an authority, experts(in spirituality and scholarship) did the verification, who has verified your man of God's claim? 

Do you know why you have fewer books in bibles accepted by certain denominations than in the bible accepted by Catholic Church ? It's the issue of authority and verification. The bible you read today went through years and centuries of verification as Gods word. 

Once more, we don't doubt God when we doubt your testimony, if you tell us that God stopped rains or sun because you prayed, and we say no it's not true, you get the people who live in the place it happened to corroborate, you supply the date and year and other information needed for investigation, that's all. 

people have the right to doubt or question or reject a miracle claim they are not privy to, just as the claimant have a right to testify. To label people who demand proof for a miracle that happened in time and a place as haters, faithless or jealous is petty as it is tyrannical. 

"ONLY FOOLS DOUBT PROOFS". These are your words Vanessa, I'm only amused that the same person who made that rational statement is now quarrelling with people asking for PROOF.

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See people's comment on Fada Oluoma post below:

Kenny Ozii reacted: What she wrote is just what all of them go about doing on social media. They make claims and when people ask for proofs and clarifications, they resort to insults. From what she said, it's obvious she has no knowledge of the scriptures and yet she's a Christian. Let's not even tell her about the KJV Bible she made mention of. Most of these baby Christians want to make Christianity a religion that's opposed to reason but we won't allow that. Is the way she's authoritatively spewing rubbish in the name of sounding logical for me?

Onyeka Joe reacted:  Miracles, signs and wonders need to be thoroughly verified before testifying... It will even solidify ones faith.... am sure if the church verified their claim on Geocentrism, they wouldn't have made the mistake of believing Aristotle.... But I agree with Venesa in one part that Testimonies when thoroughly verified, should be used as a tool for evangelization... Coz even the Apostles, after verifying the resurrection of Christ, used the Testimony as a base for their evangelization... Again, God told the people of Israel to continue to tell their children and children's children how with mighty hands (Miracle and power) He delivered them from Egypt...

The problem I discover in African Christianity is that they fake testimonies just to proove that their men or women of God are powerful...

Verified miracles build up faith...

But then, don't hype God, He doesn't need it ..????????????... Cf. Fr. Oluoma.

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