Nwoba Chika Nwoba's Reflection on Ojazzy Igbo's Manager's Rejection

In a heartfelt reveal, Chika Nwoba shares his encounter with the rejection by Ojazzy Igbo's manager, emphasizing the significance of unity within the Igbo community. Join the conversation and show your support for local talents like Ojazzy Igbo

Nov 3, 2023 - 15:57
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Nwoba Chika Nwoba's Reflection on Ojazzy Igbo's Manager's Rejection
Nwoba Chika Nwoba's Insight: Ojazzy Igbo Manager's Rejection

Hey everyone, I wanted to share something that's been on my mind. So, Nwoba Chika Nwoba recently opened up about how he felt when Ojazzy Igbo's manager turned down his request. He really admires Ojazzy's music and believes that we should all be supporting him. Despite feeling a little hurt, Nwoba is standing firm in his support for the Igbo culture.

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He mentioned that he never asked about Ojazzy's fee and was ready to cover the costs. Nwoba explained that he chose a different venue for the event to make it easier for everyone to attend. He wondered why his choice of location seemed to cause a problem. Nwoba emphasized that he's not asking for special treatment and just wants to support Ojazzy, who he sees as a talented upcoming artist.

In light of the recent incident, Nwoba is calling for unity and support within the Igbo community. He believes that by helping local talents like Ojazzy Igbo, they can all contribute to a thriving artistic culture. Let's join hands and show our local artists some love!

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He wrote:

This is possibly the last thing I will be saying about this: I have read some people allude to the fact that I'm not one of the kind of personalities Ojazzy plays flute for. That if I were one, he would have obliged. This is to me a further plundering of the image of the young man as regards his entertainment career. I admire a younger person of his standing giving us a flute sound that spiced the music piece we've all enjoyed. I wasn't approaching him in the thinking that he charges high or low. Whatever his cost is doesn't matter as it's also within my rights to accept or decline it.

Come to think of it: he never billed me. I know that I don't have money, but I'm also aware that I can foot his performance cost come what may, anytime, any day, anywhere! He's not bigger than Paul Nwokeocha who came all the way from Aba to play music at my wedding reception last year in my community in Ikwo, Ebonyi State, neither is he bigger or costlier than Nkem Owoh who was the MC. The idea of my not being able to pay him is a piece of insult going back to those who hold it. He's a beginner we have to support to get to stardom to the glory of arts and creativity. He's yet at the embryonic stage of his career, so, nobody should bring him to early ruination with ostentatious rating. I read the reply of Ojazzy Igbo. I never said I spoke with him; I said I spoke to his manager, Credo who's in charge of his bookings

They didn't bill me yet. I was only pained by the reaction of his manager, Credo immediately I told him that the event would hold at Cirenes Hotel in Abakaliki. The noticeable stutter from him made me look as though I come from the wrong side of the universe. I host my events in my community in Ikwo, but I decided that I should host this one in Abakaliki for ease of movement of my prospective guests in this time of fuel hiccup. If I had held it in my village, wouldn't he have attended after promising him of safety and logistical care? Why the personality litote brought into this against me? Well, my stand stands out: let's continue the spree of stereotype in Igbo land, we'll be better with that. We'll get our Biafra faster by this means

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Igboke Ikembab: Do not mind them.People that would make such comments are obviously the poor.The guy himself claimed in his response that u didn't call him for any event, making it a bit confusing who to believe.Though, according to you,his manager picked up the call,it's possible his manager didn't mention it to him.His manager should clear the air.

Friday Ekoyo Justus: Never mind those underrating your financial muscle as reason for the Guy's response. It is evidence of envy they have on you. After, they will still say you're too pompous and arrogant but cannot replicate same talk to the Guy who acted in this manner now.

Promise Nkwachukwu Idoko: It is high time we start prioritising our upcoming Entertainers, I know you want to give your occasion/event and the purpose a rich standard sir but the truth is; Ebonyi have enough of them. You can invite one and Promote the person.

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