Comedian Oga Sabinus Takes On Kizz Daniel's 'My G' Challenge with Hilarious Bouncer Act

Enjoy the comedic flair of Oga Sabinus as he participates in Kizz Daniel's "My G" Challenge, adding a humorous touch as a bouncer. Watch as he encounters another bouncer, resulting in a comical showdown that has the internet buzzing with laughter.

Oct 28, 2023 - 18:05
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Comedian Oga Sabinus Takes On Kizz Daniel's 'My G' Challenge with Hilarious Bouncer Act
Oga Sabinus Kizz Daniel My G Challenge Comedy

In a lighthearted twist, popular comedian Oga Sabinus joins Kizz Daniel's "My G" Challenge, hilariously playing the role of a bouncer. An encounter with a larger bouncer adds to the amusement, creating a buzz on social media.

The article is about the popular comedian and skit maker, Oga Sabinus, who recently participated in the widely recognized "My G" Challenge initiated by the renowned Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel. Known for his comedic prowess, Oga Sabinus assumed the role of a bouncer in the challenge video, humorously shielding a young schoolboy from approaching fans and onlookers.

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Amidst the light-hearted atmosphere, the video captures a comical situation as Oga Sabinus encounters another bouncer, who happened to be significantly larger and more robust. The contrast in their sizes added to the amusement, generating laughter among viewers. Oga Sabinus, with his characteristic black and blue outfit, displayed his comic timing and talent, providing his fans with yet another dose of laughter and entertainment.

The incident quickly became a talking point across various social media platforms, drawing attention to Oga Sabinus' ability to infuse humor into everyday situations. His participation in the challenge not only showcased his comedic skills but also highlighted his versatility as a performer. As the video gained traction online, fans and followers eagerly shared and commented, appreciating Oga Sabinus' contribution to the challenge and his continued efforts to spread joy through his creative content.

Watch the video below:


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