Yul Edochie's Sweet Story About His Mom and Holy Water

Yul Edochie tells a sweet story about his mom pouring holy water on his head, showing their strong love.

Nov 9, 2023 - 10:02
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Yul Edochie's Sweet Story About His Mom and Holy Water
Yul Edochie's Touching Account of His Mother's Holy Water Tradition

Yul Edochie, the famous actor, recently shared a cute story about his mom. He talked about how every time he visits her, she pours lots of holy water on his head. She does it because she thinks he's too stubborn and wants the holy water to bring him peace. He loves his mom a lot.

Yul Edochie's story shows us how strong a mom's love can be and how important it is in our lives. Using holy water is a way of asking for blessings and protection, showing how faith can bring comfort and care in families.

This lovely story reminds us of the special bond between a mom and her child, and how traditions and love can make our lives better. Let's appreciate these heartwarming moments and the love that surrounds us every day.

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According to Yul Edochie , he wrote below: 

"Me and my beautiful mum. Anytime I visit her, she'll almost empty one bottle of holy water on my head She says I'm too stubborn, let holy water be 'cooling' my heaI love her so much".

Fans Reacted to the post  saying;

Rosemary Nnenna Nwabueze: She's so beautiful, God go answer her prayer on top your matter.????????????

Harry Billz:  replied to Adaora Onyia comment: is that how to marry 2 wives in your village, Do you get another man's wife pregnant nd decide to marry her as your second wife... Since you decide to involve the Bible, you should know about David and another man's wife and equally no how God punished him for that.

Nene show:  That’s true she needs to break this stubbornness this time with prayers and nothing else .Mamma please add more of that holy water we can’t lose him to the hands of the Devil ???? we the online families are with you.Love you mum

Charles Ogbu: Mama needs to increase that holy water to one GeePee tank and then add anointing oil and some chapters of Psalms because to be honest, your case is more of iberiberism than mere stubbornness.

Oloto Nwabuogo Vivien Okafor: That's what every good mother will offer to a prodigal son,is in every home,am happy you too understand your self,more than people supporting evil for your sake and said they love you,anybody that loves you without telling you the truth in life is a wi€ked person and dosent like you to exist.

Kimberly Ekezie Chinyere: I used to think you are this push over of a guy in reality before now, little did I know that you are just the character you play on set. No wonder you act those role so beautiful... Odogwu Adiro adi soft for real????

I watched your new movie, alter vs alter. It was nice Yul Edochie I'm always a fan. You are talented regardless 

But please, in all you do, try to consider your kids feelings okay.. biko Kam nna ayo????????

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