Address Me as NCN, Not 'Hon': A Message from the Publicity Secretary, PDP, Ebonyi State

Chika Nwoba, Publicity Secretary, PDP of the Ebonyi State, Saturday 04 November, 2023 talks about why he doesn't want to be called 'Hon.' and why it's important to be yourself. He also wants to inspire people to make a difference in their communities.

Nov 4, 2023 - 23:29
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Address Me as NCN, Not 'Hon': A Message from the Publicity Secretary, PDP, Ebonyi State
A message from the Publicity Secretary of PDP, Ebonyi State, requesting to be addressed as "NCN" instead of "Hon."

Chika Nwoba Nwoba, Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ebonyi State also a Facebook Influencer, recently shared a message on his Facebook profile, He talked about how he doesn't want people to call him "Hon." because he hasn't been elected for that. He explained that only certain people like councillors and court justices should be called that.

Chika also mentioned that he got a special title from the church, but he's not using it because the church can't give titles like that.

He wants to get his Ph.D. in the future and become a teacher. He thinks titles should be given to the right people at the right time. You can just call him Chika Nwoba or "NCN."

Chika's words remind us to stay true to ourselves and focus on making a positive difference in our communities, no matter what titles we have.

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According to NCN on Facebook, he wrote below:

I'm still making it as appeal to MCs, music players and indeed my admirers to withdraw from my name the compliment of "Hon". I'm not honourable in the sense of politics. I have never been elected into any legislative platform. For the records, those addressed as Hon. by way of title are: Councillors of an LGA; members of House of Assembly; members of the House of Representatives; Justices of Courts. Outside these people outlined here, no one else is by standard protocol qualified to be called "Hon." You can say, Hon. Commissioner, but not adding it to the person's name unless he or she has been in a legislative platform. 

I have not held a government appointment. It's true that I have been APC and PDP Publicity Secretary for 5 years now and running, but it doesn't qualify me to be addressed as Hon. Let's learn to respect titular nomenclatures by giving them to those they're meant to be given. I have a chieftaincy title from church, but I decided not to be using it as church doesn't have the mandate to decorate a person with a chieftaincy title. Addressing me as NCN or Chika Nwoba is all right with me. You know the initial for a Knight, you can use it at the appropriate time in addressing me if you so wish. I'm not title-struck. What matters is the evidence of my existence on my society and people around me. That's it all. 

With time, titles will be many for the son of man. I'll get a PhD by reading in the nearest future. I might decide to delve into lecturing and you know it that it'll not take long I'll become a Professor. That's if I decide to be a lecturer. Chieftaincy titles will come in abundance. It's a dead person that'll be tired of sleeping, so, no need to rush it. I'm just 32. Ceteris paribus, there's still time to blossom... 


Sources: NCN.

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