After failed negotiations, the Niger junta would recall the Nigerian envoy.

Aug 4, 2023 - 14:23
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After failed negotiations, the Niger junta would recall the Nigerian envoy.

After failing to reach an agreement with the delegation of the Economic Community of West African States over the restoration of democracy in Niger, the General Abdourahmane Tchiani-led military junta in the Republic of Niger plans to recall the Nigerien ambassador to Nigeria.

As it works to remove French and US forces from the nation and declares an end to all Memorandums of Understanding between France and the Republic of Niger, the junta also intends to recall Niger's ambassadors to Togo, the United States, and France.

The incident was confirmed to correspondentS on Friday morning by defense sources present at the ongoing meeting in Niamey, the capital of Niger.

"The current talks have ended in failure. The Niger ambassador to Nigeria, Togo, France, and the US will be summoned by the junta, according to a reliable defense source who gave a brief message to our correspondent on Friday morning.

Another person with knowledge of the development said, "The junta has just announced that it will evict French and US troops in the Niger Republic, noting that all MoU agreements between France and Niger have ended."

On July 26, 2023, Mohamed Bazoum was imprisoned in a palace coup by the military junta in Niger commanded by Tchiani, the former Head of Presidential Guard to the elevated President. Tchiani afterwards proclaimed himself Head of State.

The ECOWAS sent two delegations abroad on Thursday in an effort to settle the political situation in the Niger Republic. Their aim was to find a solution to the problem.

A second delegation, led by Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, met with the leaders of Libya and Algeria regarding the Niger crisis while the first delegation, led by former head of state of Nigeria General Abdulsalami Abubakar (ret. ), dealt with the coup plotters and other parties in the country's capital, Niamey.

General Abubakar's team was given a mandate to swiftly resolve the crisis in the unstable nation, according to a statement released on Thursday by Special Adviser on Media and Publicity Ajuri Ngelale, Chairman of the ECOWAS' Authority of Heads of State and Government, President Bola Tinubu, who sent both teams on the mission.

In accordance with the decision made at the conclusion of the extraordinary ECOWAS summit held last weekend at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, the delegation to the Niger Republic left promptly for Niamey after President Tinubu's briefing.

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar III, and the President of the ECOWAS Commission, Omar Alieu Touray, are part of the delegation together with the former head of state of Nigeria.

President Tinubu briefed the two delegations and urged them to engage all parties vigorously in order to ensure a successful and amicable resolution of the Niger situation for the benefit of African peace and development rather than a move to adopt the geopolitical positions of other countries.

"We don't want to keep anyone waiting. Democracy and regional peace are our top priorities, the president declared.

General Abdulsalami Abubakar (retired), speaking after the meeting, stated that the delegation would visit the coup organizers in Niger to deliver the demands of the ECOWAS leadership.

The two mission leaders both expressed confidence in the tasks' success.

Before leaving the Villa for Niamey, former Head of State General Abubakar spoke with journalists about the mission his team was given: to convey to those in control of Niger's power vacuum the discontent of the subregion's leaders with the developments in that country.

"We have just received orders to report to Niger and convey the displeasure of our heads of state in the area with what transpired. They also gave them a deadline, demanding that the coup plotters stop what they are doing and return the presidency to an elected leader. They also made sure to make this point very clear to them.

"That is our purpose in being here. As of now, we are traveling there to deliver this message, get their reaction, and report back on what we learn, added Abubakar.

Talks with Libya and Algeria, two nations that share a border with Niger to the north, will foster the unity necessary for negotiations to be peaceful, according to Kingibe.

"Clearly, a situation of this nature calls for cooperation. Coordination with all parties involved in the circumstance is necessary.

In this way, Niger has highly important neighbors in both Libya and Algeria. So, my goal is to travel there and deliver President Tinubu's message. To inform them of ECOWAS's stance and enlist their support and cooperation," he said.

"We hope to find a diplomatic solution," he said, expressing confidence that the discussions will prevent a potential military involvement. Nobody wants conflict, certainly not with friendly, neighborly people who live across the border from us and with whom we share a language, culture, and religion.

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