Adamawa government's employment of 47 media assistants met with outrage.

Aug 4, 2023 - 15:26
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Adamawa government's employment of 47 media assistants met with outrage.

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa State's selection of 47 media assistants has drawn criticism.

The appointments were announced by Fintiri on his official Twitter account on Thursday night.

I'm thrilled to form my PR team," he tweeted.

"I'm confident that this diverse and talented team will play a crucial role in enhancing our communication efforts and strengthening our public engagement," the governor continued. "Together, we'll work towards achieving our goals and effectively serving the people."

On June 6, 2023, the governor was given permission by the Adamawa State House of Assembly to designate 50 special advisers.

Since Mr. Humwashi Wonosikou's appointment as press secretary during his inaugural luncheon on May 29, Fintiri has been keeping a low profile.

The passing of Fintiri's cousin, Malama Laraba Mamman, who had perished in a car accident on the way to his inauguration, had been cited as the reason for his inaction.

One Special Assistant and Master of Ceremonies for Government Events, two Special Advisers, ten Senior Special Assistants, 34 Special Assistants on Social Media and Content Creation, and one Special Assistant are among those who have been appointed.

Internet users were outraged by the announcement and instantly attacked the governor, asking why he had chosen to hire so many people as media assistants.

The appointment was dubbed a risky financial move by tweep Opeoluwa, who demanded that it be stopped.

This is why we require TRUE FISCAL FEDERALISM, he declared. This type of financial irresponsibility needs to end. States like Adamawa, which makes no contribution, would utilize the same money to appoint more than 25 members of a media team, while Lagos and SS states will make money for the cause. Let Adamawa generate and spend its own funds.

Chidi Okereke described the appointees as unqualified individuals who were unable to counsel the governor not to appoint them to the position.

"Lmfaoooooooo," he tweeted. They are all blatantly incompetent if he has all of these folks on his media team and they still thought it was a good idea to post this. Na, that one hurts.

In his comment, @ReneRodrig claimed that the nomination goes against the principles of reducing government spending, which many Nigerians have been advocating, particularly during this difficult time.

"Omo cutting of cost of governance in the mud," he tweeted. As a long-term special media adviser. Are jobs being created?

According to the National Bureau of Statistics' 2022 data, 3.44 million people in Adamawa are considered to be poor, ranking Adamawa as the 18th poorest state in Nigeria.

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